Why Choose AmeriSearch Staffing?

Contract Staffing Solutions:

Short-term projects to ongoing long term assignments.

AmeriSearch Staffing contract professional give your organization flexibility to:

  • Tackle new initiatives
  • Short the curves
  • Accelerate your workflow
  • Meet your deadlines

Contract-To-Direct Staffing Solutions:

  • These positions vary in length-they can be short term or utilize “try it before you buy it”. This program is designed for both employee and employer.
  • Reduce your chances of making hiring mistakes.
  • Benefits to employer that the Human Resource doesn’t have to deal with spending the time and financial burden for employment screenings, background checks or dealing with the hassle of paperwork.

Payroll Service Solutions:

  • This is a unique service to our client, and we find that it is the most beneficial to small companies that sometime do not have a formal human resource and payroll department or that find their human resources department overloaded with work.
  • Very simple for our clients to transfer their entire payroll to AmeriSearch Staffing.
  • We expedite weekly checks, tax responsibilities, garnishments, and worker’s compensation reporting, claims and benefits administration.

Single Source Staffing Services:

  • High-Volume staffing presents a host of complex challenges (i.e., escalating costs, ongoing staff shortages and constantly fluctuating production needs).
  • AmeriSearch Staffing makes volume staffing simpler. With combined 34 years of staffing expertise, we can design a solution that will assist you cut costs improve retention and maximize flexibility and profitability.